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The development trend of silicone industry

source:未知 │Release time:2016-09-20 17:03
First of all, due to the development of the limited time, accumulated experience and technology innovation is very limited, the overall quality of domestic silicone industry have a certain gap between China and foreign countries. Most of the domestic production of basic products now can meet the customer requirements of production, but meet customer requirements very high performance or special kind of adhesive is still need to be imported glue. In the special glue and high performance gel, there is a gap in the domestic market. Secondly, because of the silicone industry is a capital intensive industry, now the economic situation also determines the severity of their living environment, cash flow difficulties, product homogenization serious, raw material prices continued to climb, the survival of enterprises has been a great challenge. In addition, in the internal silicone rubber industry now has gradually formed a vicious spiral of price war, the client object some manufacturers for low-end manufacturers, prices, making the whole industry profit margins continue to shrink.
Analysis on the other hand, the silicone industry prospect is considerable. The silicone industry is a capital intensive and high technology content industries, compared to the momentum of the development of labor intensive type industry will have better, silica raw material mainly used in electronic and electrical appliances, medical equipment, baby supplies a big industry, involving a wide range, and a lot of used rubber products will be gradually replaced by silica gel. 2012 the development trend of silicone rubber will be concentrated to the liquid glue, new Antian jade has invested 50000000 to establish a liquid glue production base, this will also change now silicone rubber industry pattern in a certain extent. At the same time, also realize that internal competition fierce degree of silicon rubber industry, because of the economic recession of the situation and the corresponding monetary policy, the flow of funds to small and medium ent

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