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The reason of silicone products difficult to remove edge

source:未知 │Release time:2016-09-20 17:02
In the silica gel products during the production process, silica gel products remove edge is a process is very important, is to remove the edge silica gel products edges trimmed, but because the processing technology or raw material itself, causing the product is difficult to remove the side, or not up to remove the side effect is very good, make products appear rupture the bad situation, then what should we do to prevent such a situation?
A curing temperature is too low or the curing time is too short.
Lead to silica gel products become brittle, silicone rubber products in the incomplete vulcanization time soft toughness is very strong, therefore in the demolition side will not easily make the edge and the separation of the product.
Two. The curing temperature is too high or the curing time is too long.
Silica gel products molding once the temperature is too high or curing time is too long, will cause the product after molding numbness or become brittle, no matter is the numbness or brittle, has great influence on the removed edge.
Three molding thickness too thick.
Note: as long as the molding guarantee qualified size to do thin line.
Four. Die from demolition design unreasonable or production of poor quality or mould used for a long time been worn
When the die mold design unreasonable, making mold from opening not sharp causes after molding the products difficult to remove edge. In addition, die wear during the production process, or blasting can be caused by too many times since opening coarse meal will affect the performance of silicone rubber products from demolition after.
Sizing problem itself five.
The rubber material of poor quality, the existence of tear strength is insufficient, poor toughness, after molding can easily cause rupture
Silica gel products remove boundary problem is very important, it relates to the product quality and production efficiency, so in the production process should be strict control of mold, molding thickness when not too large and the molding time of curing temperatu
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