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The future world market situation of conveyor belt

source:未知 │Release time:2016-09-20 17:10
Throughout the world market situation, the general trend of the development of the world conveyor belt is: to many varieties, high performance, light weight, multi function, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, long life direction.
Functional conveyor belt: such as various uses flame retardant conveyor belt, especially the coal mine with PVC and PVG overall belt core flame retardant conveyor belt has accounted for a large proportion of the total conveyor belt. Special purpose conveyor belt such as heat and cold resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant and high angle corrugated sidewall conveyor belt and improve the performance of production, especially the heat resistant conveyor belt with the development of synthetic rubber and skeleton material, using temperature can reach 150 DEG -200 DEG, covering after special with resistance and heat resistance can reach 200 DEG -300 deg.
Traditional use conveyor belt: fabric core conveyor belt to high strength, low level of development, the steel wire rope conveyor belt to enhance the impact resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and other properties. The maximum strength of the conveyor belt has been developed to the steel wire rope core with 8000N/mm; fabric core conveyor belt service life can reach 3-5 years, the wire rope conveyor belt up to 15 years.
Light conveyor belt: Based on the types and specifications of hundreds of species, in the food, electronics, machinery and logistics and other fields have been widely used. Energy saving and environmental protection type belt can prevent the material scattered, dusty closed conveyor belt rapid development, at present, hanging round tube, folding, double four types, the maximum transport capacity of up to 3000 tons / hour
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