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Silicone products gradually occupied the green product marke

source:未知 │Release time:2016-09-20 17:09
Environmental protection silicone products due to its characteristics of green environmental protection, has slowly infiltrated into our lives, the future will gradually replace the disposable chopsticks non environmental protection and disposable plastic cups, silicone products gradually occupied the green product market. In the market we are the most common disposable bowls and disposable plastic cups, plastic bowls, what our life plastic production above is basically no difference, it is made of resin, but for some plastic products due to use than silica gel is also widely, some plastic widely used in the market, and after use recycling has become a difficult problem, plastic waste combustion decomposition, many of which are burned, melt plastic, can have great relevance to the serious pollution of air, the air pollution has seriously affected our phenomenon, so now the provisions of the relevant departments to reduce the use of plastic work, become an important environmental protection in the world.
For silicone products, due to the late emergence of silicone plastic early, so it did not get too many people's attention, but in some European countries, have many things they can replace the silica gel, for example at home in our family spatula, ceramic bowl, in foreign countries are basically used for silicone material, and silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless, has a good performance, it is also very much now, silicone products for our daily necessities is green low carbon products, even if the trash does not appear the phenomenon of environment pollution, the white smoke appeared on silica gel combustion, there is no harm to us, and we on the plastic market is not the same, have a serious impact on air pollution. Now the environment is getting worse, the air is needless to say, such as Beijing haze, so now we use low carbon environmental protection silicone products is to reduce pollution, Why not??
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